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With Valentines Day around the corner I transformed our strawberry non-dairy milk chocolate into these beautiful chocolate hearts. This machine is one of my favourites, super hypnotic I just had to get one! And if you ever want to see a master temper chocolate you'll l...

Hi Chocolate Lover,

In my latest video we travel from Paris to Brussels to find out whether Belgium really does make the best chocolate in the world! It’s a longish video but stick with it, the answer may surprise you!

Coming to Bali? Make sure you plan a visit to our Ch...

Bonjour Chocolate Lover,

Check out my latest video where I take you to Paris! We were invited by the Indonesian Government to attend Salon du Chocolat (www.salon-du-chocolat) one of the world’s largest and most prestigious chocolate events. This is the first time we’ve...

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Enter the Cacao Farm (our first Vlog)

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